A home away from home at Furry Paws Pet Resort Miami

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Recently I took a whirlwind drive from Orlando down south to Miami and then west to Marco Island, Naples, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Myers and back to Orlando. Since I almost always travel with my dog, I tend to plan around places that are dog friendly. Unfortunately, major sporting arenas are not dog friendly…yet, I hope. Since I wanted to take in a Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets game, we had to find a dog boarding facility.

Prior to going down south, we made several inquiries and internet searches for the most affordable and reliable pet boarding in Miami. We expanded the area of search from North to South and Metro Miami Area. There were several Animal Hospitals which raged from $25 to $35 a night. As in any pet boarding they make sure vaccinations are up to date. One hospital was determined to have my dog get a vaccine that my vet in Orlando deemed outdated and unnecessary. He does not even stock that vaccine anymore. Another hospital was extremely nice but they wanted to do an initial exam for $60, overnight boarding for $30, and next day bath for $25. When I paused on the phone for a minute, the attendant asked me to hurry up that there was someone in front of her in the lobby.

Furry Paws was always on the top of our list. However, a firm requirement of a day of acclamation was difficult for our schedule since we were driving to Miami the same day. After a frustrating search for another alternative and with all of these other hospitals showing their true colors, we pleaded our case. The extremely kind and accommodating attendant, Paula, turned an almost nighmarish experience around. She suggested that an hour of acclamation may be enough to determine if our dog had the temperament to stay in their facility. I downloaded and filled out the admittance form from their website and emailed it to Paula. How convenient! Reservations made, we were at ease.

Upon arrival, Jessica, a Miami Seaquarium Dolphin Trainer turned manager raised an eyebrow on the one hour acclamation period. I hope this did not get Paula into too much trouble. In a city that staggers on service, I am moved that Paula made the executive decision to accommodate us. Although this may be a guideline for very good reasons, I applaud the staff for thinking on their feet and making us feel like our dog was in good hands. Jessica was very accommodating at intake.

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The facility is located smack dab in the Miami Design District. Housed in a corner building, with metered street parking, the entrance and lobby is very uncluttered. There are several doggie items on sale. To one corner is a peek through window shaped like a bone. I am not sure why we were not offered a tour of the interior facility. We never asked either. Our dog was taken to the back and we could see through the peek bone that he was getting friendly or not with the other smaller breeds. There is another room for large breeds. The dogs are allowed to roam and play as packs. There are also cages. After an hour we came back and was assured all is well.

Next day when we came to pick him up he did not seem stressed at all. It was all we could hope for. An attendant who was walking other dogs on the street even said bye to him, by name! I cannot stress enough the genuine care of Fuzzy Paw’s staff. At no point were we ever made to feel like we were a nuisance to them. It is with four paws down that I highly recommend this place for any boarding or sitting needs. Look no further, I was happy to pay $40 for the overnight boarding, even though the other animal hospitals were cheaper, the final bill was higher with added stress. Licks all around!

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