Dog friendly La Quinta Inn and Suites Downtown Naples, Florida Hotels

La Quinta Inn Naples, Florida Hotels.

When traveling with a dog it is always a comforting to find places that accept our furry pals with open arms. There are many hotels, motels, rental cottages, villas, and condos who rent accommodations for pets. The biggest turn offs in their verbiage “Pet fee” or “call to find out pet fee”, or my favorite “$X of non refundable pet deposit”. A simple “no” would suffice. Or in La Quinta’s case “Pets Welcome” and they mean it.

We chose this hotel for it’s close proximity to the central dining and Historic Areas of Downtown Naples. The property is ideally located near  Third Street South, Fifth Ave South, and the Naples Pier. The ideal location is within walking distance to Naples Bay Marina, home of the prestigious L’Orient. The views are sweeping and breathtaking.

The property itself features self parking in front of the hotel, on the side, and at the back. An open lobby with comfortable tables, chairs, and lounge seating welcomes. Although, at check in there was only one front desk agent. It seems that there could be another person. There is an uncomforting feel upon check in, when there are eyes burning in your back to hurry up. The agent was not fully knowledgeable of the local area, but he was very courteous and friendly. I fully understand preblocking rooms when a hotel is at full capacity. However, there could still be options, one does not need to be pigeon holed into only the room blocked. Or was it because we were traveling with a dog, but I thought this hotel allowed dogs in every room? No big deal. It was still a very amicable check in process.

The room was clean with a giant king size bed. The bathroom was well stocked with all amenities. Although, the soap and conditioning shampoo left a little to the imagination. Oddly enough, the vanity was on the other side of the bathroom wall. So after a shower you had to walk out of the bath room to groom. The faux wood hallway extended into the bathroom and part of the room. Most of the room was covered in carpet. In this day and age of our continual use of electronic gadgets I couldn’t find an outlet next to one side of the bed. Maybe it was my luck to get the side of the bed with no outlet. Although there was enough outlets next to the TV and chaise lounge. The room was equipped with refrigerator and microwave. As advertised, free WiFi was throughout the hotel albeit a little slow. There is a doggie poop area complete with doggie bags and dump bin next to the pool.

Upon check out I decided to go to the front desk to drop off the keys and retrieve a folio, bill. I didn’t even looked at the bill until I got back in the car and was ready to drive away. Oops error on the room rate. So I went back in. After a little puzzle solving the very kind and accommodating manger made an adjustment. No operation is perfect but when recovery comes as effortless as this hotel, it speak volumes of their commitment to hospitality. I would certainly stay here again and other La Quinta properties.

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