Gateway to Paradise La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Myers, Florida Hotels

La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Myers – Florida Hotels.

Ideally set right before the causeway to Sanibel and Captiva Island, Florida, this hotel stands as an alternative to the ultra expensive cottages and villas on the islands. Although there were some dog friendly accommodations in these islands, most were on a “call ahead” basis. Having stayed at another La Quinta property in Naples, this seems like a safe bet.

The hotel is a three story U-shaped property with full liquor bar in the lobby and a pool in the middle. The lobby also houses a small fitness center. There are elevators, soda, and ice machines throughout the property. Most of the lawn is covered in mulch but there is a little grassy patch by the pool and in front of the hotel for our furry friends who prefer grass to do their business.

The check in process was effortless and welcoming. It is nice to see front desk agents working together without one requesting a task from the other. One agent check me in on the computer, the other got the key package ready. Good teamwork. The agent was kind enough to point out main hotel amenities and offered to suggest dining options. I deferred dining options to later after we settled into the room. Upon return there was a crowd. We conferred with social media once again and made up our minds on a particular place.

There are ample parking spaces around the hotel. The rooms either face the pool or parking lot. Our room had a big king size bed, with chaise lounge, large shower bath, and enormous vanity space. All expected amenities were present. It appeared very clean until next morning when we noticed flea on our dog and parts of the carpet. We notified the front desk upon check out. Being a dog owner, I am not alarmed by this incident. This infestation is so hidden it could come without anyone knowing. One moment that room is bug free, the next a dog checked in carrying eggs, next day infestation. No big deal. The front desk radioed housekeeping immediately while I was still there and I am sure they fumigated the room.

As we walked out of our room in the morning there was a nice housekeeper who said “Good Morning” with a smile. That was a nice touch. Happens we forgot something in the room and she had to reopen the door. The service in this hotel was very friendly and accommodating. The location was perfect if visiting Sanibel or Captiva Island. I would stay here again if my adventures led me back to these parts.

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