The rolls go round and round at Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine

Wasabi | Modern Japanese Cuisine.

New at the Florida Mall there is sushi on a conveyor belt going round and round. Set a few steps away from the Food Court is this shinny sparkling spot. The set up is simple. Walk up to the greeter area, ask to be seated, state your preference of booths or sushi bar. Greeter walks you to table, brings ginger and wasabi in little square plate, places on table with soy sauce. Hands you a menu. Server comes up, asks for a drink order and the proverbial, Have you been here before? No? Explains the menu. Sushi plates are color coded, take as many as you like. They add up your stack of plates at the end. Order other items from the menu. There are sake and other drinks available. Simple enough.

For two of us they handed one menu. As I opened the menu, there was an off putting odor that slapped my face. There were still food bits on the menu pages. We sat at the sushi bar. I wasn’t trying to peek under the bar lip, but being eye level I was confronted by “black” spots on a brushed stainless steel surface.

The menu selection is plentiful of simple rolls. Great thing is the portions are half a roll or 4 pieces. There are basic nigiri and sashimi selections. There is a sensor in the conveyor system that tells the chefs how long an item was on the line. But while the item is being prepared, is it being monitored for time? There was a pile of items waiting to get on the conveyor system outside of the sensor zone.

Baja Tuna Roll


Red Dragon Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll


Blue Crab Roll CB


Kazuyo Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll CB


Scorpion Roll


Yellow Tail Nigiri


Apart from the regular restaurant there are take out items already pre packaged. There is also merchandising available.

If memory serves me right there was a sushi restaurant in Daytona Beach years ago that had a conveyor system also. Nothing new there. Food preparation and presentation, nothing new there? Atmosphere? It’s a Shopping Mall, nothing new there. Without the “Modern Japanese Cuisine” in it’s name, this place has a great concept of fast casual. Simple straight forward food, nothing fancy as it’s other sushi restaurant cousins in Orlando. Where is the “Modern Japanese Cuisine”? Can’t say I saw anything modern. Or maybe there is hidden meaning that I can’t see.

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6 responses to “The rolls go round and round at Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine

  1. Kaitenzushi is one of my favorite all time life experiences.

    Looking at the photo’s of their, ahem, “Japanese” offerings I see mayo…. I see mustard … I see cream cheese … I see amerizushi rolls ….. I see no reason to go.

    That’s just my crabby traditionalism talking though. I’m sure that there are folks who will like this.

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