Where did the piggy go?

There is no name, no sign, no hours of operation, hardly any seats, sparse utensils, and no parking.  You have no doubt heard the term “hole in the wall”, well hear this, “along the street“. What street? Your guess is as good as mine. When I asked, my host replied, “You eat pig?” Obviously I do. Next reply, “Come, we eat.”

On this literal street side, right in front of someone’s adode there was set up the most makeshift steamer. As I approached the stand, there miraculously appeared a giant bowl of noodles from under the street. Well, not literally, but from a basement type kitchen. On the steamer was simmering several odd parts of the pig, blood, tripe, large intestines, small intestine, and meat. The order is a bowl of noodles with stew minced pork and a bowl of soup. The broth is refillable. When a table becomes available you sit and eat. This is what they sell until all the soup is done. After that, wait for next day.

Bowl of Soup and Bowl of Noodles – Nothing special about the noodles. But the pork intestines had a slight briny earthiness that reminded you what was in the bowl. The various textures of blood, intestines, and meat formed a marvelous symphony. This is not a lavish sit around and sing meal. This is sit down swallow get up for the next person. A real treat to hit the gut.

There are several of these one dish wonders around Taichung, I wish to taste them all. Next trip.

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