A Scraping Experience in Xia Du Health Villa Taichung Taiwan

The summer health center – Home.

One of the most common activities in many parts of Asia is a massage. In my Naval travels to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand I made a point to experience a massage at least once. A Thai massage at the hands and feet of an old lady, in Pattaya Beach Thailand, is an outer body experience that I may share one day. Never had I experience the fullness a total cleansing ritual, until Xia Du Health Villa.


Upon entry you are presented with comfortable slippers. Then lead to an individual very hot feet soaking tub. Tea is served. This villa has TVs on the wall with individual remote controls. After a lengthy soak, your feet are dried and given a gentle massage. At this stage the idea is just for blood circulation.

Then you are lead to individual or multiple rooms, depending on your desire. Some people may want privacy, couples may want to be together or family and friends might share the same room. You are given a robe and towels. Then the real massage starts. Oil is used with circular, deep tissue, and pressure point techniques. The most memorable technique was the use of a wooden spoon-like tool to literally scrape your back. While this is not as painful as it sounds, it is the method used for centuries to detoxify the body.


After the massage you are lead to a luxurious shower. Then on to the internal cleansing part. A bowl of pork bone soup with Chinese medicinal herbs and another cup of herbal tea is served. The soup was earthy and tastes of barks and soil, while the tea was a strong leafy flavored hot liquid. Time is given to relax and recuperate. Then out you go.

The total serenity of nursing body tissue and internal organs in this zen like manner was very rejuvenating. A respectful and professional service staff lead the whole process with ease and comfort. For a weary Traveler, this was a very exhilarating experience.

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