A seafood feast at Ms Apples Crab Shack

Have you been out here yet? What are you waiting for? This was my second trip. The first time around, I was stuffed to the gills. This time, there was more delicacies to partake in.

Stone Crab Claws

Stone Crab Claws – served simply chilled. Is there any other way to serve this? Why mess with nature’s bounty? If you’ve always wanted to partake in this seasonal delicacy and do not want step foot in the high end establishments who demand your first born, then here is the place to go wild. Prices are significantly lower. The is an unparalleled sweet, delicate, clean, tenderness in stone crab claws.

Lobster Tail

Lobster – steamed. There is no other primal act of feasting than with your hands. This is where you grab a lobster by the neck literally and wring it. Don’t worry, everyone else around you is eating with their hands and toes. It is perfectly acceptable here to split open a lobster head and suck out all the goodness. If juices fly, don’t worry about it, because the person next to you may spill also.

Garlic Shrimps and clams

Garlic Shrimps and Clams – steamed. These clams flew under the radar. By the time I decimated a lobster, the clams were gone. Easy trade off. IT does not get any fresher than this.

Garlic Potatoes

Red Skinned Potatoes – these were precooked and served as ordered. Microwave ovens are provided in the store to nuke ‘em. Soft and tender.

Corn on the cobb

Corn on the Cobb – precooked and served as ordered. Nuke at your own risk in the store. Nicely seasoned with garlic a light dousing of spices.

According to their Facebook page, live blue crabs were arriving at a certain time. Would you believe at that time, there was a mad rush of people arriving and waiting in line? It is never a disappointment going here. Be prepared to get dirty and walk with anything else you might need.

Go see my full set of 33 pictures on Flickr.

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