Francheskas Subs and More is a surprise find around Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive

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The most satisfying food is often found by accident. I literally almost ran over this food truck. I like to frequent the Orlando Premium Outlet and the surrounding Outlets on the end of International Dr. Why should tourist get all the deep discounts? There are many hard to find items here. Swinging out of the Bed Bath and Beyond Plaza, I spotted this red truck tucked in a corner of the parking lot.


As I approached, the friendly attendants were more than happy to explain their menu and told me that they used to be on Orange Blossom Trail. There seems like a sandwich or sub for everyone, even gyros. Chatting them up a little revealed that their pride and joy was tripleta and arepa.

Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken, Chicken Salad, Shrimps, White Cheese,

Arepa – Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken, Chicken Salad, Shrimps, White Cheese in a corn bun. This dish comes in various forms with several fillings however you like it. I got everything. The meats were moist on the inside but not dripping juices. In my opinion, the juices create a soggy corn bun and makes the whole thing fall apart. I rather this semi dry, yet flavorful approach. What a spectacular combination. Big bold flavors, ample firm texture, a simple Latin marvel. Just what I needed after running through the outlets.

Tripleta with Chicken, shredded Beef, and Ham

Tripleta – Tripleta with Chicken, shredded Beef, and Ham. See all those goodness stuffed into a long bread? Perfectly wrapped street food. Peel back wrapper and guzzle. The textures were firm and spiced to give that little bite that hits the back of your mouth. Every chef boast about their food. When this chef told me that people drive and search for him all the way from Tampa, I was skeptical. After tasting this, I am a believer.


French Fries – Fresh, hot, salted, what else do you need?

Cashew Drink

Suco Jandaio Cashew Drink – is made from Pure Brazilian Fruit Concentrate. The cashew flavor is slightly sour and citrusy, works wonders in hot Florida sun.

Passion Fruit Drink

Suco Jandaio Passion Fruit Drink – is made from a Pure Brazilian Fruit Concentrate. The passion fruit flavor is sweet with subtle floral presence. Great thirst quencher.

I did not expect to find this food truck here, neither did I expect the food to be anywhere as good as it was. Here are the simple things done well. Will this captivate in the many food truck bazaars that are floating around Central Florida? Only time will tell….they are on a waiting list.

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