There is Something for Everyone at Orlando Farmers Market

What are you doing on a Sunday morning if you are not at a house of worship or after that house of worship? Have you thought of spending some quality time with friends and family in support of local artisans in a great outdoor setting? Take a hike to Downtown Orlando Thornton Park area and frolic around the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola.


Parking is always a drag downtown, but search there are spots. Most event parking sites charge a nominal $5. If you’ve been to Thornton Park, then you already know where the weekly farmer’s market is held. If not, then find Lake Eola, it is right in that area. Look for the tents and a crowd of people.

Every farmer’s market is unique to it’s location. This market has a bit of everything for everyone. There is fresh produce, food, jewelry, sculptors, potted plants, and a host of other things for sale. Lawn chairs are set up across a nice patch of grass. Picnic style chairs and tables set up a nice communal area. With this being an outdoor activity, our four legged friends are dressed and prancing around in their Sunday best. Conversation flows easily and everyone is willing to hand out samples or chat about their products.


Abby’s Fresh Herbs – A great welcome spot at the market’s entrance. The aroma from this section is heavenly. Friendly, nice people. Go Check out their Facebook Page.


Holy-Cow! Beef Jerky – makes their own unique flavors. Original, Original and Teriyaki, Red Teriyaki, Sweet & Chewy, Peppered Hibachi, Wasaki, and Chiquila Lime. I tasted the Wasaki, wow nice wasabi kick. Go check out their Facebook Page.


Orchid Treasures – preserves real orchid in resin as jewelry. Go see their website.


Mobay Bakery – makes authentic Jamaican patties, Jerk chicken and Pork, Natural Juices , Jerk Seasonings, and the famous Jamaican Black Cake. They aspire to have a food truck soon. Email them for now.

Sheila Jimenez making a purse.

The Wear House Project – Sheila Jimenez let’s recycled materials speak for themselves in a very soulful way. Go check out her shop on Etsy.

Wandering around the Orlando Farmers Market brings a strong sense of place. This is a creative community gathering to share their various products, talents, and soul. The atmosphere is light, airy, and refreshing. Seems almost bohemian and carefree. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Go see my entire set of pictures on Flickr.

4 responses to “There is Something for Everyone at Orlando Farmers Market

  1. I moved from Orlando about 2 years ago and I am trying to get a hold of Mobay Bakery to order some of their spices. Do you know of any other way to contact them?

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