Breakfast and Lunch Served at Soiree Event and Conference Center

Of course there is food at event and conference centers. But is there always an open kitchen that serves to the general public? Soiree Café seeks to do just that.

Soiree Event and Conference Center is on Silver Star Rd between two main arteries, Powers Dr. and Hiawassee Rd. in the Pine Hills area. Stop. I know what you are thinking, “A conference center in Pine Hills?” Yes there is. This venue has splashed on the scene in grandiose fashion.

As the name infers, soiree, a fashionable classy party so is the establishment. There is 9,000 sq ft of space for events, conferences, banquets, ceremonies, and get this a Carnival! This was a location of several events planned for the Orlando West Indian Carnival. Go check out the entire Carnival happenings here.


Revised hours since this posting: 7 am – 3 pm

Soiree Café is located towards the back of the building. There is parking along the side and back of the complex. The space can accommodate a lot of people. Elegant round tables and dashing white sofas create a very intimate and classy atmosphere for breakfast and lunch. A very sophisticated LED illuminated bar beckons to one end.

The menu has a little for everyone with a slight nod towards southern soul food. Traditional breakfast items of sausage, biscuits, French toast, eggs, bacon, and muffin, share space with Southern delights like chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits. Lunch items of wings, tenders, nachos, mac and cheese coupled with different salad combinations, wraps and sandwiches, together with fully loaded BBQ and meat loaf rounds out the menu. There is a full liquor bar, if you want to have an adult beverage for lunch. They offer take out and delivery within 3 miles. This entire menu is served from 9am to 3pm.

Passion Fruit Smoothie

Passion Fruit Smoothie – one of the bar specialties, whipped up fresh. Traces of passion fruit flavors danced on the palate.

Corn soup

Soup of the Day – on this occasion it was corn. Soft vegetables in a broth. Light and salty.

Chicken, Waffles, Hash and Hard Fried Egg

Chicken and Waffles with Hash and Hard Fried Egg – Egg was done as ordered; chicken was crunchy with slight flavorings; waffle was dry; hash was moist and crunchy.

This entire establishment is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. It is good to know that there is such a place in the middle of all the negative perceptions of Pine Hills. With Soiree Café stepping up the atmosphere to a more upscale environment, here is hoping other businesses follow suit. This is a great option for business lunches in a nice atmosphere.

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Soiree Cafe  Restaurant Reviews

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