Memorial Weekend Celebrations at Lighthouse Point Dog Beach, Ponce Inlet

Naturally, I seek dog friendly areas when planning an outing. This dog friendly beach hit the very top of my list. My criteria for this choice was close parking proximity to the beach since we were going to set up a tent and welcome the summer in style.

We took the chance of arriving around 11:00 am. A little late for a busy holiday weekend, but nonetheless we spun the dice. Immediately through the gate we were told that parking was almost to capacity. Our plan was to drive up close and off load then park. As luck would have it as we spun around the parking lot closest to the beach a spot was open. We should have played the lotto.

There are shower and bathroom facilities. Although, each men and women bathroom is single occupancy which create long lines. But it is a perfect place to engage in conversations. Showers are outdoor.

Around the restroom facility are several picnic benches and grills. Next to the shower and along the beach are more grills and benches. These are on first come, first served basis. On the beach there is a larger picnic tent available by reservations only.

Dogs are allowed everywhere as long as they are on a leash, even in the water. Jet ski rentals and boat rides are available on the beach.

The beach is a mixture of sand and rocks. There are patches of nice soft sand and sharp rocks. Several coves and secluded areas lend to privacy. It is easy to stake claim to an entire section of the beach.

What better way to start off the summer frolicking in the water with friends, family and our four legged companions.

My entire photo album on Flickr.

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