Irieness at Jah Love Caribbean Restaurant

It has been a very long time since I ventured down Orange Blossom Trail into the heart of Kissimmee. On a recent visit to Appliance Direct, I came across this restaurant. I remembered seeing a post from Foodbidden about this place.


This space has been a revolving door for Caribbean establishments. Quite some time ago, there was a Guyanese grocery store which sold food, then there was a another Guyanese restaurant, then I understand a pizzeria, but for several years it has been this current place. The accommodations is modest with several booths and few stools. There is an ordering counter with printed and overhead menus.

On this breakfast session, there were two immediate available items ackee and saltfish or saltfish. I choose ackee and saltfish. Ackee is a fruit originated from West Africa undoubtedly taken to Jamaica on a slave trip. However, ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica; ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica. The preparation is a simple shallow pan fry of fruit and saltfish. I opted for Dumplings, which were dense and chewy; steamed banana which was tender and natural; and steamed yam which is a root that crumbles potato like. The entire dish was very natural with seasonings and flavors of saltfish standing out.


The Jamaicans revere in mythical powers of Irish Moss, which is a seaweed that grow on the rocks of Jamaica. A drink of peanut and Irish Moss is suppose to enhance male or female vigor. Ever wondered why there are so many dominant Olympic sprinters from Jamaica? Irish Moss could be the answer. The peanut flavor stood out with thick slightly jelly like texture. Was there any instance reaction? That’s my business. Good try it for yourself.


I am always encouraged when a restaurant does not try to be what they are not. This is a Jamaican restaurant, whose owner is a Rasta Chef. He does not try to be anything else. His food is honest down to earth Jamaican. The soul and irieness (Jamaican slang term for niceness) shows all over this place. Blessed Jah.

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Jah Love Caribbean Restaurant  Restaurant Reviews

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