Rocking the vibe at Roccos Tacos and Tequila Bar

The setting couldn’t be any better. Where else in town valets Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentleys, Maserati, Porsche, not to mention the host of huge SUVs? Restaurant Row, to be exact Roccos Tacos. This is the most happening place around town with wait times rumored in several hours. Really, it’s just a restaurant right?

Well dah, yes, but not just any restaurant. It is a restaurant that wants to be a hip cool hang out spot, with DJs and full blast music. Two outdoor bars and huge indoor bars makes place more about libations than food. But does it really matter? After all people go out to have a good time.

Although this is build as a Mexican place, it has a more modern take. The décor is very Mexican contemporary, if that is an option. Tin ceiling, heavy wood, traditional carvings, splashy lighting all invites and invokes a very progressive fun atmosphere. No Mariachi singers coming along here.

Beckenridge Agave Wheat

Beckenridge Agave Wheat Lightly refreshing with a hint of wheat and slight sweetness.

The large selection of Margaritas and Specialty Drinks distinguishes from a Mexican mom and pops to a hot spot. How many Tequilas do you know? Take a look and sample this enormous selection. These selections will make any Mexican proud, Viva Mexico!

Food is the full gamut of Mexican selections. Although, like the décor, it seems food has taken the same nod and up it’s ante. The presentations and flavors appear bold and appealing.

Totopos Chips and Salsa

Roccos Chips was a crisp light seasoned dusting of pure pleasure. However, I was always under the impression that chips were served with whatever dip at the same time. We stared at the chips for a good while before the tableside master guacamole maker showed up.

Guacamole Tableside Preparation

Tableside Guacamole was an interesting concept. But if I am to pay that much for a showing in guacamole making, at least have the guacamole master attempt a little useless conversation or not wonder off in conversation with every other staff member who walks by. But this is a relaxed laid back atmosphere so I guess it is okay to ignore the guest.


The guacamole itself is quite remarkable. Flavors are bold, fresh and bursting.

Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup Chicken, roasted tomato chipotle broth,
tortillas, cilantro, lime crema, cotija cheese. Slightly lacking in something.

Pesca and Chorizo Tacos

Pesca and Chorizo Taco Grilled Mahi was spot on, juicy, tender, and delicately flavored. Chorizo was a little unrecognizable. Wasn’t sure which ground meat I was eating.

Gaucho Platter

Gaucho Platter Skirt steak, chicken breast and Spanish chorizo with refried beans and red rice. The flavors here was a little under whelming. Nothing distinguishing. Portion size was enough and not over sized.


Churros lightly dusted with sugar, chocolate and cinnamon. The star of the show. Maybe I am just inclined to fried dough. Crisp and delightfully delicious.

This is a great place to hang out and blow off some steam or just have a grand time. The setting of loud music encourages that sort of throw caution to the wind blowing in off the lake and have a fiesta. Maybe my food selections were not representative. Although very full, I was still lacking. Maybe this is not about food, or food is just one part. Great addition to the dining scene on Restaurant Row. At least the people driving fancy cars think so.

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Rocco's Tacos & Tequila Bar  Restaurant Reviews

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