Arepas El Cacao is setting Permanent Roots on Kirkman Rd Orlando

Following the footsteps of Junior Colombian Burger Food Truck, Arepas El Cacao Food Truck is opening a restaurant literally a few doors down from Junior, in Universal Plaza.

Is this the new South American corner? Junior opened a little restaurant. That restaurant now has a thriving outside coveted seating. Alchemy Lounge, a hookah bar, adds Trinidadian island flair with music. Now Arepas El Cacao will add to the bustling little plaza.

Parking is already a tight squeeze. However, there is parking around the back of the plaza and wide open parking lots on either side. Forego the direct parking lot and park in these outer lots. Take a few steps to the food. Your belly will thank you for the little walk to the car after filling up.

The very sense of mobility offered by a food truck is the very thing that makes it so elusive. Often times, I crave for a certain item from a food truck. But then I have to track it down and drive to get it. It’s like man hunts food. Well not so extreme. When a food truck plants permanent roots it makes for easier access.

Arepas El Cacao has three locations. One on Pleasant Hill Rd, Kissimmee; one on Kirkman Rd, Orlando; and the food truck still sits on International Dr. Orlando.

Arepas El Cacao on Kirkman will open it’s doors on Monday. Follow them on twitter for up to date information. Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!

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