Central Florida Chef to Open Gastropub In Clermont

Press Release for Crooked Spoon from Paul Perrino

Clermont, FL –  After three successful years on the road, Chef Steve Saelg is hanging up his food truck keys and will turn The Crooked Spoon concept into a full-service restaurant, which is scheduled to open August 26, 2013.  Located adjacent to Clermont’s historic Citrus Tower, the Crooked Spoon’s 4,200 Facebook followers and the residents of Lake County will finally have their very own gastropub to gather and enjoy Chef Saelg’s foodie favorites as well as an expanded bill of fare.

This long-time dream of Chef Saelg (pronounced: sëlg) is finally becoming a reality, and he intends to put all of his culinary talents and soul into making sure his patrons experience inspiration and comfort within his dishes. A progression from the traditional pub scene, the Gastropub concept was selected by Chef Saelg to cover the vision he has for a restaurant environment.

“Being from New Jersey, I miss having a neighborhood restaurant, and a place where friends and families can gather regularly to enjoy incredible food in a relaxed atmosphere,” said Chef Saelg .  Gastropubs originated in London when chefs wanted to keep the atmosphere of a neighborhood pub, yet did away with “pub grub” staples such as Fish and Chips and Sheppard’s Pie, and replaced them with unique gourmet dishes.

“I want to create a fun environment,” said Chef Saelg, “and ultimately a place that I would want to hang out to enjoy great food and beer, while watching my favorite sports team play.  The word ‘pub’ can sometimes be a bit scary to families, so I intend to make it a friendly atmosphere, where there are no loud juke boxes, pool tables with cracking billiard balls, or beer-bucket specials.”

The Crooked Spoon menu reflects the chef’s passion for creativity, and his customers will easily come to the realization that they must become regulars in order to experience all it has to offer.  Open for lunch and dinner, patrons can begin their flavorful journey with starters such as Duck Confit Tostadas topped with a farmer’s cheese and a drizzle of sweet and spicy raspberry barbecue, or perhaps the Pecan Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders accented with a seasonal barbecue sauce.

The experience continues with a variety of delectable entrées such as the Pan Seared Wahoo, a flavorful summertime dish topped with a gorgeous avocado scented crème fraiche, which captures a seasonal lightness; the Marinated Grilled Flank Steak with a plum wine demi glaze accompanied with a sobo noodle salad; or the Low Country Fried Chicken, a Cajun inspired twist to the classic southern fried bird, which is served with an herb buttered Zellwood corn on the cob.   Desserts selections will be posted daily on the restaurant’s blackboard.

Parents will be pleased with how plentiful the kids menu will be, and that the selections mirror the adult menu’s creative options. The kids menu will include Coconut Chicken Tenders, along with the chef’s variation on children comfort classics such as a smoked provolone and cheddar Mac and Cheese.

Loyal Crooked Spoon fans will be happy to find the signature 420 and Crooked Spoon burgers headlining the menu, and will be even happier to tell anyone within earshot of how “the 420 burger is the best burger I have ever had…EVER!” The 420 burger gets its name for the April 20th date it was introduced at a Downtown Orlando event, and the response from the customers then to now has remained high. One bite into this angus-beef delight comes with a taste and texture explosion due to the fried onion ring, pineapple relish, sweet honey mustard aioli, and Turkish seasoned candied-bacon toppings.

Freshness of the foods will be a result of Chef Saelg’s farm-to-table purchases for his goods. “I plan to source as much as I can from the local farms and ranches,” Chef Saelg proudly says, “as well as lining a majority of our 24 beer taps with selections from Central Florida breweries.” The restaurant will also have an extensive wine list available. “There will also be a major focus on handcrafted cocktails,” chimes in mixologist and owner/operator, Victor Huryn. “Our philosophy for the kitchen also extends to the bar where we will use fresh local ingredients in our drink recipes and house-made simple syrups.”

If the effort Chef Saelg has put into the design of his menu is impressive to the soon-to-be regulars, they should also anticipate salacious menu changes from season to season. “I sometimes get bored with a few of the dishes and want to keep things interesting for myself and my guests,” declares the talented chef. “It is important to always bring excitement to my menu. This entire opening is all very exciting actually, and I can’t wait to welcome our first guests to the Crooked Spoon.”

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub contact address and phone number: 200 Citrus Tower Blvd, Clermont Fl 34711; (352) 404-7808

Chef Steve Saelg has been featured on the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street/Season 2’s The Smoking South, Fox News Orlando, and has a recipe published in Eat Street: Recipes from the Tastiest, Messiest, and Most Irresistible Food Trucks

For more information contact:

PRP Consulting at (352) 459-6259

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