Wine, Dine and a movie at Fork and Screen, Walt Disney World

Who does not enjoy dinner and a movie? Perfect date night or perfect crowning of a fun filled Disney Day?

Dine In Entrance

Either options, Fork and Screen Movie Theater at Downtown Disney seeks to serve food while you watching a movie.

Novel concept to Orlando? Not really, the Enzian Theater has been doing this same thing for years now. Although, movies at the Enzian are more Indie than mainstream and located in residential Maitland. While Fork and Screen sits smack in the middle of the bustling Downtown Disney. Walt Disney World has done it, as only they can, on a grand scale with mainstream movies.

Automated Tickets

Being able to go online and make a reservation for a particular seat in the theater only adds to the comfort of eating and movie watching. If online is not available for you, automated ticket machines outside of the movie theater does that same thing. Further, there is always joining that line to speak to a real person. Joining the line at the last minute may limit seating options.

Entrance to Disney’s Dine In Theaters is not from the main AMC entrance, rather it is closer to the Pleasure Island side entrance next to the Harley Davidson store. Upon entrance, you are greeted to a full service bar that serves mix drinks, beer and wine. Fanning from the bar are the theaters.

Seating are in fours with three columns. The chair height is lower than regular but at a good enough level to see the screen. Chair width is larger than average. Distance from chair to table is slightly farther than a restaurant but still within reach. Since these chairs and tables are permanently mounted it has to cater for all sizes. Lighting before the movie is very adequate. During the movie, table lights provide ample glow. The server takes time to explain how service works. Order, food delivered, press button at anytime during the movie and they will appear, check dropped off about middle of the movie, you pay before end of the movie. Fair enough.

The printed menu at our table was in three parts, drinks and wine, food, and soda options. The mix drink options cover all the usual “tropical” suspects. Wine menu has a varietal for everyone with the proverbial Chardonnay dominating. Food is appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts. Food offering covers a wide taste palate with fried, grilled, pasta, Italian, and even Thai flavors.

Dirty Menu

Unfortunately, there was a huge marinara sauce stain on our menu. Oops. Very UnDisney like.

Hogue Riesling

Hogue Riesling – light crisp bouquet of apricots and floral notes that dances on the palate with a short finish.

Thai Bang Shrimp

Thai Bang Shrimp – Crisped golden shrimp topped with a zesty Thai bang sauce. Slightly sweet sauce with a hint of spiciness. Mildly flavored.

Wings & Things Sampler Defocus

Wings & Things Sampler – Spicy buffalo chicken wings and golden cheese sticks partnered with onion loops and house-made potato chips, with ketchup, blue cheese and marinara sauce for dipping. Good textures and flavors.

Steakhouse Prime Rib Griller

Steakhouse Prime Rib Griller – Delicately sliced prime rib topped with crisp onion straws, Parmesan peppercorn aioli and melted Pepper Jack cheese, served on Texas toast. Juicy tender prime rib, bold toast. Good griller.

Service in this establishment was amicable and cordial. The whole concept works from every aspect. This is certainly a lovely way to cap off a day of walking around, or certainly makes for a romantic setting.

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Fork and Screen  Restaurant Reviews

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