Lunar New Year in Largo Florida

Last weekend I was privy to Lunar New Year Celebrations at a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Largo, Florida; close to Tampa.


The Temple is a modest building in a large compound with an open air pavilion. Residential and commercial businesses sat next to private property on the same street as the Temple.

Vietnamese food was in abundance. There was Pho, crepe, Banh Mi, freshly made spring and summer rolls, sticky rice, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with kumquats, Vietnamese coffee and shaved ice, with an assortment of other neatly wrapped delicacies. For a nominal charge, I got loaded up pretty fast. Seating was communal tables, if you find a chair sit and eat. It was easy to make dinning companions this way.

There were several artistes, I am told, from as far as California. The band struck up some great music with people swaying along. Older folks sat in the pavilion while everyone else just milled around the food stands. There were many character representation with drums and Dragon Dances.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Great way to experience a culture.

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