Contemporary Elegance at Westin Tampa

Flanked by water on both sides, the drive across Tampa Bay’s Courtenay Campbell Causeway is a scenic interlude to calm tranquility at Westin Tampa Bay.

View towards Clearwater

The hotel is perched on the causeway with stunning views of Tampa Bay. It is fairly accessible from the causeway with two entrances. Under the porte-cochère awaits cordial valet attendants with self parking on either side of the hotel.

A door man holds open the side door or you can enter through the revolving front door. The lobby extrudes calm light colors and earth tones with modern sensibility. An open inviting front desk beckons for efficient transactions. To one side is a Starbucks Coffee shop and Aqua restaurant flanks the other side. Straight out the back door opens to a wrap around terrace that faces a sandy beach. There are outdoor seating with lounge sofas on the terrace and beach lounge chairs on the beach. Towards one end of the beach is an equipment rental hut and the other end is open access for water craft. Indoor heated pool and fitness center is nestled right behind the elevator banks.

Up the elevator to lavish plush carpeted hallways into magnetic keyed entry doors. Our room was two “Heavenly Beds” with a view facing the water. Resting on this bed is like floating on air. The Westin Essence experience delivers sleep, eat, move, play and feel well philosophy so you can be at your best. I’d say this Heavenly Bath delivers on that promise. For efficiency and protection of the environment only one shower head is turned on. There is clear directions to turn on the other shower head. These dynamic duos deliver a cascading soothing body rub that cleanses at the same time. Signature Westin White Tea scented bath products deepen the experience.

After walking around to the end of the hallways I realized that most if not all rooms have a water view.

In-room dining offers nutrient rich and SuperFoodsRx™ dishes that nourishes and revitalizes. Aqua Tampa Restaurant, Bar and Lounge makes a bold statement in the lobby with a stunning wine display. The interior surrounds in chic leather, lighting fixtures, a grand piano, bar seating, table dining and outdoor waterfront dining. A very accommodating menu boast a myriad of cuisines with steaks, seafood, and vegetarian choices. The kitchen is open for Breakfast, Breakfast Buffet, Lunch, Express Lunch, Dinner, Bar Menu, Raw Bar and Group Menu. The full service bar serves up signature cocktails and an extensive wine list.

View from Park across Hotel

Did I mention this place was super dog friendly? Well, I did not get the doggie check-in amenities, since my dog is allergic to air! I didn’t mind. Dogs are allowed in all public spaces and everyone wants to say hi or pet the furry guy. Well he is a handsome fella. There are several patches of grass on the hotel premises and a park across the street. Rocky Point Park shares space with Post Lake Properties and Rocky Point Golf Course. The circular walkway extends on one corner overlooking the bay. Picnic tables and long benches face the water. Ample vegetation borders the road to create a very calm and quiet setting. It’s like a neighborly doggie walk.

Westin Tampa delivered on modern tranquility and service. This is definitely a place I would return to time and again. Next visit, I am definitely dinning in Aqua.

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