Distinguished Elegance at Ocean Prime Orlando

I imagined a room clad with dark wood, stunning glass, fine leather, crisp linen, polished silverware, correct wine glasses and smiling faces. Is that evident at Ocean Prime?

Reserved Table

The restaurant sits in Rialto on Sand Lake. The parking lot here is a little tight. Valet Parking is available for this restaurant. I was not surprised upon entrance. It was exactly as I imagined but with a more friendly feel. Yes, the corporate air was heavy, but there was still a casualness that exuberates relaxed elegance. There are several rooms separated by glass walls for privacy but maintaining an openness.

Service was on point. From the quick smiling and verbal welcoming greeter to the very knowledgeable and accommodating server, everyone seemed to move with purpose. It is always refreshing to see a staff in clean tailored uniforms, so classy. Everyone nodded and smiled, acknowledging our presence without being overly intrusive.

The food menu is very straight forward with classic choices. A very extensive wine list with several “By the Glass” choices is sure to please every discerning palate. From glances at the bar, I could see very well appointed cocktails.


2010 – Fresh, fruity bouquet, with a perfumed nose and short finish that marries well with seafood.


 2010– Medium bodied, rich complex herbal notes with a lingering finish. Paired well with steak.

Ahi Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Ginger Ponzu

Ahi Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Ginger Ponzu – Tuna and avocado was fresh and allowed to dominate the dish with ponzu adding citrus acidity.

Black Truffle Macaroni & Cheese

Black Truffle Macaroni & Cheese – Elegantly creamy goodness with a healthy dose of earthiness.

16 oz Kansas City Strip

16 oz Kansas City Strip – This is a nice cut, however, there were burnt flakes on the outside which rendered this magnificent cut less than stellar.

Chilean Sea Bass, Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce

Chilean Sea Bass, Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce – A perfectly cooked piece of fish. Moist, tender, flaky, and buttery texture married with a marvelous sauce was an outer body experience.

Ocean Prime has all the hallmarks of a restaurant to represent Orlando in the Corporate Business market segment. With its close proximity to the Orange County Convention Center and major hotel chains, this is certainly a place that can cater to large, small or private parties. Their menu has a wide and varied appeal for any discerning palate. It is a true gem with sophisticated casual elegance for a myriad of occasions. Very grown up.

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