Mofongo Madness at Jimmy’z Kitchen Wynwood

I was on a recent impromptu trip to Miami. Normally, I would scope out, plan and read up on latest trends in the Miami Dining scene. Since time wasn’t on my side, I elected to let the front desk staff at Element Miami International Airport Hotel guide me.


After what everyone in Orlando seems to think of as the best Latin food in Orlando at Melao Bakery, I had to remind myself what Miami had to offer. Normally, I would go to one of my old haunts in Little Havana or Hialeah. What, you don’t think the best food is in ghetto Hialeah? Think again. Ole grandmas cranking out food handed down from generations through metal barred windows. Ah the feeling of carefree youth and hunger.

I perked up when the front desk agents agreed that Jimmy’z Kitchen, with three locations in Miami, was serving the best mofongo these days. Their Wynwood location is that regenerating Mid Town Miami area. It seems like every time I go down there, another dilapidated block gets reclaimed for urban use. If you are familiar with the City of Miami, there are several pockets in desperate need of redevelopment. These days it seems like big development is gobbling up land and planting condominium high rises. The really good thing about this redevelopment, smaller businesses are allowed to thrive and given new strength.

Jimmy’z Kitchen Wynwood sits at the foot of a high rise condominium development in the Wynwood District. The interior is housed at one corner of the building which allows for large sidewalk seating. The restaurant is very casual, but we are talking Miami casual here. Ripped jeans, T Shirts, short skirts, skater shorts, body suits, are taken to a whole different level. The vibe is neighborly chill.

Open concept leads to natural woods, metals and plastics. The urban industrial chic décor allows for counter service with full menu, beer and wine. Although, I always pause when there is so much emphasis on craft beer and bottles of wine and then there are two choices of red and white wine by the glass.

Red Wine

You guessed it, this is a red. Tasted like a Pinot Noir on the verge of turning. Oh well, I should have known better. But it was palatable.

Blackened Swordfish

Blackened Swordfish – A little on the done side, but well seasoned. The fish itself was a hefty cut that more than compensated for it’s doneness. Vegetables were a bit soggy. Jasmine rice was over salted.

Mofongo with Churassco

Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce Mofongo – Churrasco was overdone and on the chewy side. Flavor was good, but texture was a mouthful. Mofongo was a good composure with elements of fattiness and firmness, but could use a little more flavor. Maybe that’s where the Criollo sauce comes in, however, the sauce was bland.


Flan – was too eggy.

Guava Cheesecake

Guava Cheesecake – This stole the show. Very well balanced with pronounced flavors.

It appears from our selection of food that things did not go as expected. Well, there wasn’t any big disappointment. but no wow factor either. However, really cool hang out spot.

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