Simply Done Venezuelan Food on Cibus Truck

I totally get the freedom and creativity of slinging food from the back or side of a truck. Like all food business not every brainy idea works. But, tested and proven tradition always prevails, even with a slight twist.


Cibus Truck is trying to do just that. Their motto of “simply done made with love” says it all. They present Venezuelan food without the frills. All too often, ethnic food purveyors tend to change and substitute ingredients to “height” or “fusion” their cuisine. What’s the point, let the ethnicity speak for itself. I commend Cibus for sticking with traditions.

Food connects people. When ethnic food is presented in a welcoming and whole hearted fashion it eases the uncertainty of unknown. Cibus attendants spend time to explain, suggest and encourage people to give their menu items a try. If you are not familiar with items fear non, just ask.

It seems like the Venezuelan Arepa has made a mark on Central Floridians. However, Cibus is showcasing their Empanada. A traditional empanada is stuffed with various meats and cheeses then fried as a closed unit. Cibus, is putting a spin on this and offering you to choose those fillings.


The corn flour based dough is molded and fried then opened. Your choice of fillings go in and off you go. I opted to give their Signature Cibus Empanada a try. The pocket was filled with amazingly juicy shredded pork, beef, and chicken, topped with shredded cheese and tomatoes. A side of sweet potato fries crowned off the wonder. There are several choices of sauce to top off. I choose garlic. The corn pocket acted as a great vessel to carry the very seasoned and flavored meats. The wrapping is very street eater friendly.


I am sure you’ve had exotic fruit drinks in a container. How does it taste? If you ever had a chance to taste the real fruit, I’m sure you’ll never have a “canned” fruit drink again. Cibus serves their fruit juices from a frozen block of fruit. Oh yeah, they blend it up and the result is a full fruit smoothie, that actually taste like fruit. My choice was sour sop, which is like an avocado with a touch of cilantro. Having tore open a real sour sop fruit and suckled at it’s sweetness, I’ll say this was as close to the real thing as possible. There are many fruit varieties to choose from.

Cibus Truck is sitting in the Chevron lot on Kirkman Rd. and Vineland Rd. intersection. There are many visual aids to assist in translating the various options. Or just strike up a conversation with the attendants, they’ll lead you in the right direction. If these few items are representative of what food quality Cibus is bringing to Central Floridians, then we are in for some good eating. Thanks for sharing your culture.


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