Surprises at Element Miami International Airport Hotel

When you book a hotel in an unfamiliar area, are you concerned? This was my recent troubles. I never stayed in an Element Hotel, neither was I very familiar with the Miami airport area. I had gone to Miami airport on several occasions, but never really checked out the surrounding areas. I was in for a pleasant surprise.


When the weather does not cooperate sometimes our GPS gives the wrong directions. I was tempted to stop and ask directions when my GPS had me turning into a very industrial area next to the Miami airport. Is this right? Yes, it was. There stood the hotel. But a hotel in the middle of an industrial park? From the pictures a very nice hotel at that. The front desk confirmed I was in the right place.

It is always a blessing when a weary traveler is extended a kind greeting at the hotel. Element Miami International Airport Hotel’s staff was friendly, courteous and willing to Google any questions they did not have the answers for. Maybe because of the hotel’s location, some of the more desirable dining venues are farther away and require deeper memorization. But some venues should come to mind immediately, especially when the cuisine is very Miami, Latin. Needless to say, still a very amicable and welcoming staff.

The hotel lobby is a stellar compliment to the hotel surroundings. Industrial and modern elements combine with earth tones to create a very relaxing and urban feel. This understated chicness extended to the outdoor pool with ornate lighting and secular seating. Even though this is an open space, short walls create a sense of privacy.

Stepping into the elevator and hallways continues with earthen tones. The Room décor transcends modern urban tones with an adequate kitchen, work desk, sitting area with separate sleeping area and bathroom. Grey rectangular tiles with raised sink and full glass doors provide a very tranquil spa like bath experience.


Views from my room looked directing on the Miami International Airport runways. Being this close to the airport you would imagine lots of noise. Not really. The thick glass windows dampen sound efficiently. Ear plus are provided bedside, but not needed. The hotel offers free breakfast, free snacks at dinner and free WiFi. What else does a traveler need?

This is a hotel that allow dogs. Naturally, my four legged companion was along for the ride. I searched within the hotel’s fence for a doggie run, potty bags or disposal containers and could not find any. Maybe I just could not find any nor did I ask. No water containers nor feeding mats neither. I normally walk with my own amenities, but you have to wonder. A hotel that allows pets and no amenities? There is ample grassy areas within the hotel for leisure walks. However, there was no extra charge nor deposit. Not many hotels are accommodating, so I am very obliged.


I appreciate their taste for modern style and green initiatives, which are evident all over the hotel. They even have an electric car recharging station. There is something to be said for the Westin brand to spin off into locations that are less than conventional. Evidently, there is a huge market in the four block radius. Not withstanding the close proximity to the airport. All of these surrounding companies must have traveling representatives. Very wise business decision. The Element has struck a right cord with this hotel.

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