Delightful finds at Taiwan Food Festival Orlando

Living in Orlando, we are blessed with multi ethnic festivities on any given day. Yes, we are the theme park capital of the world, but the city and surrounds have morphed into their own multicultural mecca. A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the fascinating food nation of Taiwan. When I saw this event appeared on my Facebook feed, it was a no brainer for me to check it out.


The actual venue for this event was in an industrial cluster of warehouses off of Principal Row and Orange Blossom Trail. Apparently there is a temple and the event was in the parking lot. Rows of small food stands surrounded the parking lot. Some had premade food while others were cook to order. It’s really hard to pick just one thing so we sampled almost everything there. However, some items were already sold out when we got there.

Braised Pig Feet

Braised Pork Feet – How could I pass this up? Confession: I neatly tucked this away to take home and devour. The meat was soft and succulent, but the skin was a little on the tough side. Flavors of sweet soy dominated the dish. There are very few meat parts that is more gooey deliciousness than this. Porky heaven.


Daikon Cake – Pan searing. Delicious.


Soup – Did not get to taste.

One of the things that sold out before I got to it.

Grilled Beef, Taiwan Pork Sausage, Grilled Corn

Thinly sliced Beef, Taiwanese Pork Sausage and Corn were all grilled on the spot. Bursting with charcoal flavor and sweetness. These are the wafting flavors, sights and sounds that reminded me of Taiwan Night Markets.

Wheel Cake – These little darlings were formed in this special griddle, filled with either red bean, pineapple, or taro and formed into a wheel-like cake, hence the name. I took these home also for an hourly feeding. Oh they are addictive.

Taro and Daikon Cake

Daikon Cake (top) and Taro Cake (bottom) – Topped with sweet savory sauce and a little chili sauce. Soft texture with a slight crisp mixed with sauces were very complimenting. Oh watch out, these are nice.

Tea Braised Quail Eggs

Tea Braised Quail Eggs – Pluck them out, remove shells and there lies a delightful little snack. Smoky tea flavors add a distinct nose to these morsels. Don’t ask how many of these I ate, I won’t tell.

Wheat Noodle Soup

Wheat Noodle Soup – Savory, bursting with flavors. Fresh ingredients. A wonderful palate opener.

This reminded me so much of Taiwan Night market food scene. The only difference, this was during the day. I hear the little island with enormous food culture calling again. Time for another trip.

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