Peach Valley Cafe in Dr Phillips does a fast breakfast

Have you ever tried going to breakfast or brunch on the weekend around Sand Lake Rd and Dr. Phillips? I didn’t realize this was such a happening time for diners. Most breakfast places have very long wait times. I’m talking 45 minutes to an hour. Really? Driving around I almost blacked out with hunger. Until I pulled up to Peach Valley Cafe in Dr. Phillips. Not that there wasn’t a wait time here. It was 35 minutes. But there was immediate seating available at the bar. Why don’t people ever sit at the bar? I was in and out with a full belly in under 45 minutes and that was me pacing my food intake so as not to choke on air I was building up driving around.



Peach Valley Cafe is behind Stonewood Grill and Tavern at the intersection of Dr Phillips Blvd and Conroy Rd. It is not easily visible from the street, so you’ll have to enter the plaza. The interior is modest with booths, tables and that long bar. A greeter seats you or tells you how long is the wait. Or you can just saddle up to bar and sit immediately, pending an open seat of course. The sweet thing is you get served right away while everyone else waits. I might exercise this technique at all the other restaurants I go to who tell me there is a wait time. Yea, yea, I know there has to be a wait time. The kitchen and front staff needs to catch up, yadi, yadi, ya. Now I know the trick to get around that and I’m sharing it with you.

Service Bar

Service Counter

Breakfast items are somewhat similar in most American style restaurants. There is the occasional difference of healthy, choices of egg whites, omelette fillings, croissants, juices, coffee, teas, pancakes and waffles. An item that I should have ordered at Peach Valley Cafe was one of their Egg Croissant Benedict. Those look very delicious. So, I have something to look forward to next time. This time our choices were straight forward.

Peach Iced Tea

Peach Iced Tea

Peach Iced Tea – I’ll admit I was pleasantly tickled that it actually smelled and tasted like peach. You know those so called flavored Ice Teas that you can’t tell the difference from a mango or peach? Well, this was very bold. Good going.


Mahi Sandwich

Mahi Sandwich – Sort of small, but it was brunch and the sandwich was filling. This is a summer special item. Of course, the side of potato helped. But really, it was a good piece of fish on a soft kaiser roll. Not bad at all.

Healthy Start Omellete

Healthy Start Omelette

Healthy Start Omelette – Egg whites, turkey, baby spinach and tomatoes. Nice and fluffy. Fresh flavors. Order of pancake was fluffy and tender.



This is a great place for good old hearty food without the frills but still very decent. Service was prompt and attentive. Having a front row seat at the bar right infront of the kitchen, I can report no one picked their noses and everyone was wearing gloves. Very efficient movements on that line. Definitely a place I’m going back to.

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Peach Valley Cafe  Restaurant Reviews

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