Fresh delicious Lebanese food at Habibi in Metrowest

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve passed this location and never stopped in. Why? I have no idea. A recent trip to this plaza reminded me that maybe I should take a trip to Lebanon. Or try this place. I’m glad I did.

Counter and Dining

The interior is modest with a counter, a few booths, tables and chairs. You would walk pass the counter and salivate over the food display then place an order at the back of the counter. This is particularly helpful in matching menu names to actual items. The ingredients are fresh and vibrant.

From the moment  I walked into the door there was a greeting. Okay the counter attendant was busy, but he did greeted me. Then someone walked out of the kitchen and greeted me again. Wow. These guys are really nice. When it was my turn to order, the counter attendant was really helpful and informative. He even had a sense of playfulness that really put me at ease. Who said service cannot be relaxed casual yet very welcoming. I was drawn to order everything he recommended. When that much passion is put into a simple description, the restaurant becomes great even without trying it.

Pita Bread

Pita bread was soft, with a slight crisp. Flavors of honey danced on the palate. I could easily eat this by itself.

Combo 2 Kebob and Hummus

Combo #2 – Kefta kabob sandwich with hummus. Lamb and beef was wonderfully delicious and tender. I welcome that after this sandwich was wrapped it sat on the grill for a short period to crisp up, which made it easier to pick up and eat. It wasn’t crumbling all over the place. The flavors and spices were profound and spoke volumes of this ancient recipe. Hummus was creamy and spicy.

Combo 3 Sharwarma and Hummus

Combo #3 – Beef Shawarma, tabouli, hummus and salad platter. Tabouli was fresh and bright, the flavors literally bounced of the plate. Beef was a little crisp and got a crisper as time passed. But flavors were spot on. Hummus was creamy and spicy.

Mango Nectar

Mango Nectar – It’s just a mango drink, right? Wrong! This little thirst quencher is made in Mexico from an Egyptian company and represents the Middle East very well. The creamy sweetness is pronounced in each sip. Sip for you maybe, for me it was more of a quick chug. I really liked this drink.

Habibi has a charm that comes from people who are passionate in what they do. I’m kicking myself for not going earlier, but now I know and so do you.

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Habibi  Restaurant Reviews

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