Hearty Taiwanese Breakfast from Pings Place Duluth Georgia

Having heard of a big Koreatown in Duluth Georgia, we decided that this was a place worth the drive. Of course the plan was to sample Korea food. How did we end up with Taiwanese?

We arrived in Atlanta in the evening and had our beaks ready for a well talked about hot spot. Only to find out that said hot spot does not take dogs anymore. WTF! After doing all the research nowhere online mentioned that Atlanta was not dog friendly. In fact, the said hot spot touts that they are extremely dog friendly. I apologize for letting out an F Bomb to the tippy toed “manager” or whoever. The entire patio turned around, oh well. Someone should have thought to change their online bragging. Needless to say, we hoped that Koreatown was not the same. Would you know that the Korean restaurants that we called actually said that it is up to the owners and mangers, if they allowed dogs on their patios or outdoor? One place suggested that I leave my dog in the car and watch him from the patio. Are you for real? So we settled on takeout from Pings Place and a nice picnic at McDaniels Farm Park.

Pings Place is located in the food court at Great Wall Supermarket in Duluth, Georgia. I dub this place the Great Wall of China. In Orlando we have big Asian supermarkets, not like this. This place is a least 3 times the size of the largest Asian supermarket in Orlando. It is mind boggling to think that there is so many items here. The meat depart is staffed by all Mexicans, playing Mexican music with a little swing to their step. We can all get along. The food court occupies one side of the supermarket. This is some serious authentic Asian food. Since Pings Place cook fresh Youtiao we decided a Taiwanese breakfast would warm the soul and get us out of the funk of not being able to eat with the dog.


Looks enticing.


Shaobing Youtiao – This crunchy bread like delicacy will always have a soft spot on my palate. Done right, this is really a treat. It is just fried dough. But the preparation that creates this light airy substance is what makes it so special. Shaobing is used a wrapper. This is also tender and flaky. When this duo is soaked in fresh soy milk, the result is simple umami.


Shaobing stuffed with beef – Oh my heavens of beef! The meat was well seasoned with flavors of five spice and star anise coming through. A truly delightful little bite. I could easily have a few of these at one sitting.


Salty Soy Milk – an acquired taste. Saltiness brings out another dimension in the versatile soy.


Congee and Purple Rice Ball – The rice ball is filled with dried minced pork and crushed youtiao. Congee is a very watery rice porridge. Eaten by themselves or together, these are fantastic.


How many places do you know that pack your take out, one container in a plastic bag with this card board bottom? I don’t know any, except this place. That is a very thoughtful gesture.

Since we couldn’t quite sit on any restaurant’s patio we found McDaniels Farm Park to be a great picnic spot. The Park was an actual working farm that now lends itself for everyone to enjoy. The grounds and relics are kept in pristine condition. Go see my photos on Flickr.

Pings Place delivers on some really good Taiwanese food. What started out as a disaster, turned out to be okay. It just goes to show, there is always a way to enjoy good food.

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