Hip and Cool Aloft Atlanta

This hotel is hip and cool with city vibe sophistication in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. It is nestled a block from famous Peachtree St. in close proximity to Olympic Park, CNN studios and many more attractions. The swanky XYZ lounge is housed in it’s lobby.


As you drive up to the lobby, you can park under the porte-cochere for quick check in or park in one of the many reserved spots in front of the hotel, or back parking lot. I’m sure the hotel will fix your parking ticket. After check in you are directed to the back parking lot accessible with your room key. Just waving the room key in front of the sensor will not get you in. I seen many cars do this. So did I, on the first try. Put the key close to the sensor almost touching it, then it will work. Be careful pulling up the machine, it is a close fit. Once in, there is ample parking. A back entrance gives direct access to the elevator or a single flight of stairs put you in the lobby.

The elevator’s floor is funky. I can imagine how  this would look after a few adult beverages. Might be some head spinning. The dimly lit hall ways with dramatic long wand like light fixtures guide you to the rooms. The bed was soft and comfortable. Pillows were a little too soft for my likeness. A single thick blanket was sandwiched between flat sheets with a fitted sheet on the bottom. Air conditioning vent is pointed upwards in front of one window, which takes away from sitting by the window. A desk/workstation anchored one window. These long windows allow light and gave spectacular views of Atlanta Skyline. Bedside lights are very powerful. Laying directly under the fixture tends to get hot really fast.

The bath room is wrapped in black modern rectangular tile with black grout. It appears as one huge slab of stone. Linear shower drain offset to the corner allows for bathers to stand on slightly pitched tile for a comfortable shower experience. Glass enclosure prevents water from splashing onto the toilet. The toilet is a suction type that guarantees everything goes down. The above-counter round porcelain sink makes for mess free usage. Ceiling to counter height mirror creates a sense of infinity. Although, the hair dryer occupied a single hook; no other place to hang face towels. A ceiling to floor mirror hang off a barn style sliding door that closes off the bathroom and toilet from the vanity area for privacy. Very thoughtful and modern construction.

I did not visit the XYZ lounge, but this place rocks. The music can be heard throughout the hotel. I’m sure there are quiet times or as they say, when in Rome or Atlanta, join in. Very hip, cool, modern hotel with friendly and accommodating staff.

Go check out my full photo album on Flickr.

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