Thai Cuisine in charming Ole Town Conyers Georgia

Classical Thai food served out of an old Victorian mansion in charming Ole Downtown Conyers, Georgia. Who said that Thai food should be served in only Thai decor? This is a clear example where vision can transcend across oceans.


These Ole Downtown areas are being bulldozed and shiny new cookie cutter high-rises are taking their place; all in the name of development and growth. Whatever happened to honoring the simpler way of the past? The fine folks of Ole Town Conyers have embraced their past and kept it in tack. Narrow streets are lined with old architectural entry and walkways. Buildings are tucked in side streets and courtyards. This little downtown is right out of an old movie. Occupying one of these charming Victorian houses is Thai Palace. It could very well be Victorian Palace.


The Ole house has a wrap around porch, chimney and several vaulted ceiling trusses. Inside is divided into several rooms. There is a sushi bar in one room and the other rooms serve as dining rooms. Architectural details are wonderfully restored to shine in ole world style. It is staggering what a little elbow grease and determination can do. There is no need to tear down the old and build over it. Renovate, revamp, restore and watch the old come to live.

We were visiting a friend in Conyers and this seemed like the perfect place for a reunion. After our harrowing experience in Atlanta and Duluth with doggie dining, it was refreshing that we were welcomed with open arms here. I called ahead since they had a patio and was immediately encouraged to dine there. Upon arrival, our doggie was treated with utmost kindness. Their patio is a magical setting with greenery and color.


Sitting street-side with the sun going down over Ole Town Conyers is sight to behold.  The menu is classical Thai and sushi. They offer take out and catering. Although, I don’t know why anyone would want to order take out and not dine in this spectacular surroundings.


Green Dragon Roll – Rice was well balanced in acidity and texture, ingredients went well together.


Panang Shrimp Curry – creamy and sweet coconut flavors with ample dosage of spices. Shrimps were cooked tender and delicate.


Spicy Thai Fried Rice – a mixture of shrimp, chicken, beef and pork. Good spice level. Meats were well cooked. Rice texture was plumb.


Thai Basil Pork – Well cooked pork, in ample spices.

The food was delightful. Atmosphere was very charming. Service was cordial and friendly. The company, well, after 25 years of not seeing someone, priceless.

Thai Palace on Urbanspoon

Thai Palace & Sushi Bar  Restaurant Reviews


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