The pastry is flaky and addictive at Le Cafe De Paris

Some time ago this place was revamped and made bigger. The patio now wraps the entire front the restaurant. This is what you would expect from a neighborhood place. Charming, friendly, laid back and inviting. I duck in here for the occasional pastry or two…or three.


Hot Chocolate – frothy and thick. Really nice.


Latte – frothy and strong.


Spinach and brie quiche – There is always a different fresh made quiche on the menu. They are always exquisite.


Almond Croissant – To have one of these is a restraint I find extremely difficult to contain. It is like an addict, I got to have one more and one more. They are flaky and creamy….oh let me stop. Go try them for yourself.


Chocolate Croissant – Everything with chocolate is better. This does not disappoint.


Croissant – sometimes it is good to have an original.


Apple Croissant – The wonders of fruit and flour. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

The key to enjoying this place is restraint. Everything in moderation. Hell screw that, get me more Almond Croissant!

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LE Cafe De Paris  Restaurant Reviews

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