Cheesers Palace Cafe is a Breakfast charmer in Ole Historic Downtown Clermont

Recently I’ve been browsing around in Clermont. This quaint store front, Cheeser’s Palace Cafe, along Montrose Av. always makes my head turn. It was just a matter of time for me to venture in. Montrose Av is like an ole Main Street. It is lined with quaint small businesses, City Hall and almost everything that runs a small town.


Cheeser’s Palace Cafe is a step back in time. The two sidewalk tables are inviting and welcoming. Step into the doorway and you are immediately transformed to another era. Ornate light fixtures, wall art and quaint antiques color a past that echoes volumes of untold tales. I imagined this was once a place of high society women in gowns, lace gloves and fancy hats; men in coat tails and hats puffing on pipes or cigars. Okay maybe not all of that, but it could be

To the right is a large meeting room, which leads to the fully handicapped restrooms. There is what seems like an old wall or space heater that adds to the uniqueness of this restroom. One end of the main room has a counter with dessert display cases. Lavish seating adorn the front glass wall. The food is as classic as the decor.

IMG_2226Shrimp and Crab Benedict with Potatoes – two over easy eggs perched on top of an open croissant, layered with shrimp and crab, draped with luscious Hollandaise. Potato wedges were seasoned and tender. Cutting into this work of wonder oozes goodness. I just needed a little more crab, please.

IMG_2227  French Toast with 2 Eggs and 2 Bacon – Perfect running eggs, crunchy bacon and tender toast.

This is certainly the kind of place to reminisce and slow down a little. The charm, quaintness and distant echo of a bygone era is what makes this a place to enjoy now. With Clermont growing as fast as they can build, here is hoping this small town feel does not get washed up in the big scene of things.

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