Submit to the food gods at Kappo in East End Market Orlando

Can you let someone else you’ve never met before make your food selections? If your answer is yes, this is the place for you. If not, maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this. Kappo stands to change all the rules of dining in Orlando. No menu, no options, no substitution, no, no, no,……. just accept divine offerings and indulge.


For centuries, highly acclaimed and well respected Japanese chefs have served the chosen few in tiny restaurants. The personal interaction and service from these master chefs is worth every ounce to an appreciative fan. This kind of dining is not for everyone. One has to be totally open minded and willing to try anything. Complete appreciation for ingredients and chef skills takes the frills out of dining. These restaurants seat just around a counter with hardly any other space. The walls sometimes act as chair backs. Decor is not a factor, one goes here for food and chef. That’s it. No frills, no high pressure servers, no nose in the sir sommeliers, no corporate high clicker asking how was the food. None of that. Just honest to good food. This is Kappo.


Their food takes cue from Japanese cuisine. It seems as though the chefs submit to ingredients rather than pulverize food into submission for personal interpretation. Very few ingredients are used to compliment or contrast a main ingredient. This allows for ingredients to shine all the way through. A simple cut of fish on top of rice with a drizzle of ponzu or soy burst with flavors that speak for themselves. The difference here, that cut of fish does not exist in any sushi restaurant in Orlando or that delicate balance of sushi rice dances ever so lightly. Only freshly grated wasabi root is used in preparation none of that green bitter tasting paste.


Kappo is challenging Orlando diners to expand their palate and dining vision. Who said that there must be a sushi case, kimonos, Japanese bells, menu and everything in bamboo or ultra industrial modern or food that all taste the same? These young chefs put their training on display. Their food speaks for itself. The restaurant menu and style evolves every hour. Who knows what they are doing today or tomorrow.  Every high profile chef started somewhere. If these young chefs continue at this level, we are experiencing the birth for something truly special. If you can open your mind to entertain a dining experience like no other in Orlando, go and submit to greatness in the making.

I couldn’t keep track of what was offered, so I’ll let pictures speak for me. Follow this link to my Flickr.

Kappo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Kappo Restaurant Reviews

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