A working person eats at Yu Pin Shaing Taichung Taiwan 

This is a very simple straight forward working person’s eating place. 

Out front, a string of scooters jostle for parking space. Inside, a buffet table greets you with selections too many to describe. I’m just going to put this picture up and let you salivate.

You walk in grab a tray with paper box and start piling on whatever you wish. Or, grab to go boxes and fill up. The cashier counts how many different items and quantity you choose and charge accordingly. Very inexpensive. There is unlimited self-serve soup, rice, congee and drinks. The crowd is mainly working people hustling to get quick quality good meals. 

Are you waiting to see what I got? Too bad, I’m not disclosing how many items or quantity I got. I’ll just say this EVERYTHING was delicious. On to the next meal.


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