A country side visit to see Sunny Hills Pineapple Plantation Nantou County Taiwan

Yes it is a living, working plantation. Taiwan is a very agricultural nation. There are several farms all over the country. This is an area with many patches of farms all working in harmony. The area is developed with many tourist style restaurant stalls, produce stalls, flea markets and hawker stalls. We checked out a stall that roasted chicken in these clay ovens.

The chicken was moist and tender with lightly seasoned skin. Other foods that accompanied the set were equally good.

I particularly liked the tiny pieces of pork with pickled daikon. No we did not order any pineapple included dishes. But we walked a trail and had aiyu jelly (a type of seed crushed to produce a jelly) with pineapple juice and ice. There was unlimited pineapple juice. A very refreshing concoction.

On an earthy note this being a mountainous country side, the toilet at Jelly stand was an attached zinc enclosed room out back with a hole attach directly to a pipe that ran down the mountain side. A water tap with hose flushes after your business. I don’t know where this flush goes. Hope it wasn’t on the pineapple fields. Maybe recycled water?

This was a very neat experience.

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