Grilled heaven at Gekiuma Yakitori Feng Chia Night Market Taichung Taiwan 

Nothing like American Pop music, grilled meats, college students and free flowing beer. This is the scene at Gekiuma Yakitori in Feng Chia Night Market. 

Set in a street that houses other equally dashing little restaurants is this Yakitori place that seems to be the busiest with the longest line. After braving the line, you are confronted with choices of various meats on a stick in several combinations. We made what seems like a one of each choice and took a table. Soon the food came out. 


If slop didn’t just drop down your chin, you are seriously missing a big part of living. Shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, pork wrapped around rice, pork wrapped around Mochi, pork wrapped around scallion and scallop all delicately seasoned and grilled to perfection. 

Feng Chia Night Market is right outside of one of the largest colleges in Taichung. Food at night with starving college kids, now you understand why there is a long line for this grilled delight. I had a blast and had to restrain myself from making another trip in the line. 

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