Fatty porkiness along Highway 7 from Taichung to Yilan Taiwan 

Once in a lifetime some people are fortunate enough to go to a distant land and share an experience with the people who live there. 

Current travel takes me from Taichung to Yilan along Highway 7. There are endless mountain roads after mountain roads spotted with little farming villages. We stopped for lunch at this tiny little restaurant along the road. On the menu, fatty pork. 

The pork melted and fell apart. I’ve had poor attempts of this delicacy in the United States. Nothing compares to this. Maint staple on the menu was Mountain cabbage.

When I went to the restroom and looked out of the window I was greeted by rows and rows of cabbage along the mountain side. This cabbage is sweeter than regular. 

The people cooking also harvested and probably did everything else. These little old ladies walked around with rubber boots and did everything. It was an earthly moving experience that I will carry for the rest of my life. This takes farm to table to a whole new level. 

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