My first hot springs experience at Chun Ho Yilan Taiwan 

We drove 8 hrs along some very treacherous mountain roads to Yilan for a special first hot springs experience. I could have opted for the faster 4 hr drive but where is the fun in that. I would have missed the mountain.  

I am in hot springs heaven. This entire area is all about its hot springs. My host arranged for a local experience. We walked in, paid the attendant, got a number written on a piece of paper and off we went. This is what was behind door #3.

Nothing fancy. Exactly as I asked for. This is where the locals would go. It was hot. Temperature is controlled by adding hot or cold water. Twenty minutes in this water had me relaxed all jellylike and wrinkled. It  was raining and slightly cold. This is as close to nature as possible without going real native. I’m going to sleep really good tonight.

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