Simplistic authentic Tiawanese dinner at Chia Hsiang Stir Fry in Taichung 

Simplicity strikes a great balance with authenticity at this roadside restaurant. Everything is cooked roadside. 


These delightful little side dishes were a great start. Anchovies with roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts with peas and carrots, pickled cucumbers got the juices flowing.


Beef and noodle stir fry in this restaurant is served exactly as pictured with a little sauce. The flavors were spot on. 

Lamb and noodle stir fry is also served here with some sauce. Lamb was tender flavorful and delicate. Noodle had ample chew without being mushy.

Fish belly soup exploded with ginger and herbaceousness in a delicate complex broth that was light and fresh. 

Pig intestine soup was a complex marvel clean and delightfully tender. The broth was slightly gingered to let the intestines shine. 

Sesame and peanut stir fry noodles were surprisingly delicious.

The flavors from this restaurant were clean, complex and complimented each ingredient. There is nothing fancy here, just honest breath takingly good food.

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