It was a vegan lunch at Ho Xyang Si Jyi Taichung Taiwan 

It’s not all meat, there are vegan options. I felt like taking in some vegan options and cleansing the body. 

This restaurant creates calm peacefulness with dark floors and tables, low lights and an overall sense of zen. 

There are several broth options. We opted for a vegetable based broth and several vegetable choices hot pot style. 

As the broth heats up, vegetables are added. These were fresh, clean and crisp. A wonderful dining option. 

Vegetable cheese pancake was shredded vegetables covered in cheese cooked in a pan. Vegetable pizza? It sure tasted that way without the crust. 

Vegetable Dumplings pan seared fresh and delightful. 

This restaurant embraced healthy vegetable options with surprising delightful tastes. I’m surprised that vegetable hot pot could be so great. I’ll definitely try to eat like this more often. It’ll be good for my health and belly!

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