Hot N Juicy Crawfish Orlando

Hot N Juicy Crawfish.

Crawfish? I am there! Restaurant Row? Swanky, hmmm. Gotta get dressed up? Not Really. Here is one of the few swanky locales on Restaurant Row that you don’t have to dress up to dine in. It is crawfish and crabs on a table with plastic! Hello, with a bib! This is some seriously good digs with awesome food.

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Okay pipe down and let’s eat…..Wait. Let’s absorb the surroundings. Crawfish! Wait….On the swanky Sand Lake Rd, Restaurant Row nestled between the likes of Timpano ChopHouse, Samba Room oh that’s closed, and Season’s 52, Cedar’s, Le Rouge, and Roy’s sits Hot N Juicy Crawfish a pit stop for the Travel Channel TV show Man VS Food, well the Las Vagas location. There is a huge open front room, several booths in the back room, and a generous sprinkling of tables outdoor in a passageway that shares with Starbucks. Wonder if I could have run across the passageway and get a Starbucks chai to cool the saucy heat? Next time. On first glance, it appears as white table cloths. But upon a closer look it is dark wood on a similar colored bare concrete floor. The dark color really heightens the swankiness, but then the server pops up. Shorts and tees! Plastic on the tables, plastic bib, server in shorts and tees, for ladies nicely accessorized, and hold up, you ready, Lil Wayne on the air waves. All the hoytiness of Restaurant Row went out of the door. It was time to get down New Orleans style, and Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Menu items, generous selections. Pick a seasoning, pick a spice level, select your juicy cravings, throw in some appetizers and extras for good measure and off you go. Oh, beer is the beverage of choice to cool the blaze. Remember the plastic bib? This is where you put it on. They bring the delicious crawfish, blue crab, snow crab, or any other delectables still wrapped in plastic bags carried by galvanized buckets direct from the steamers. The bags are plopped on the table and you open it. Oops did I caution about the gush of flavors and steam…..Yeah, watch out. We had snow crab legs, blue crab, and crawfish in butter, cajun, and HotNJuicy sauce. Which sauce do you think was the best? Yes, you guessed it! Throw the rest out. HotNJuicy rules! Amazingly good. Felt like taking a bath in this juiciness. Easy, don’t get carried away. It was buttery, spicey, juicy, garlicy, all stirred up in one. The seafood was cooked well. Although, I have to mention a little quality control and examination of the cluster could go a long way to weed out the not so healthy legs with black spots. But who cares, dunk it in HotNjuicy Sauce. I need a cold beer now. Oh, secret….if you tweet about the place and the server catches you, you get a free beer! How cool is that?

Awesome vibe, awesome food, laid back, kick back, get your hands and face dirty, make a mess, get loud, jam to hip pop, who cares it is crawfish time. Let the good times roll!

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2 responses to “Hot N Juicy Crawfish Orlando

  1. We did eat at the same restaurant, didn’t we? You have the nerve to call yourself a “foodie” and you recommended this place. Did you taste that corn in your picture???? It had been cooked for hours, hours before. Did you try any shrimp or crab? Rubber, rubber, rubber. You obviously are NOT a Floridian or anyone exposed to any other seafood but horrid chains, like this one.

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