Los Angeles to Taipei on China Airlines

Have you ever taken a trip across the pond in one of these double decker beauties with China Airlines? Oh but they are nice. When the pilot opened to full throttle at take off you can really feel the power of these monster turbines. Yeah baby, let it rip!

I have always be told that these Asian airlines are very selective in their staff. Well, this was like watching an episode of Pan Am. Only thing, I am the passenger in the show. Service is top notch in this airline. It has been a while since I travelled International. Ironically, I crossed this pond 20 years ago as a green wet ears sailor on one of these jumbo jets, compliments of United States Navy. Compared to our US domestic flights, apples to lychee. Courtesy, eye contact, a helping hand to the elderly and children, a nod, miraculously appearing when you need them, even when you did not call, I can’t say enough about how impressed  I am with the staff on this flight. As I write this post in mid air, I lost count how many times I was offered a snack and a drink.

Inflight Meal Beef Noodles

Inflight Meal Beef Rice

Mind you this is a 14 hour flight. The inflight meal was actually really good. There was a choice of beef stew with rice or noodles, steamed carrots and broccoli, fresh fruits, salad with Italian dressing, chocolate cake, and a roll. Looks quite gourmet. Taste quite gourmet. As far as airline food goes, very tasty. Textures and flavors were all there. There was even a choice of red or white Italian wine. It was non characteristic, but decent.

LAX to TPE Flight Tracker 1

I’ll confess it is really hard to sit in a chair no matter how gracious this staff is for this long period of time. My legs are asleep, but my mind is working. I am going to take another walk around the aircraft and get some more stares. See you in Taipei. Are we there yet?

LAX to TPE Flight Tracker 2

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